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Why work at B&F?

We are a free-spirited agency, we love to work
across various sectors and creative styles.

Creative satisfaction.
Diverse projects.
From Mumbai to the world.

The pace is fast, the floor is buzzing, multiple tabs open, chatter and
the sound of the coffee machine frothing milk, the day can pass by in a snap.

This place is for the creative and yet purpose clear, the right brained,
the team player and not the lone ranger, the ones who say - " Even better if...“

Our commandments


  • Paid courses for upgrading skills
  • 21 paid holidays annually
  • Healthy tech budget for hardware & software
  • Competitive pay with annual reviews


  • Parental leave
  • Hardship leave
  • Work-From-Home options
  • Neck+shoulder spa at desk
  • Food fiesta once every month
  • Yoga & meditation stipend

Open positions
We're been on growth mode for a long time

Frequently asked questions

Being a multi-disciplinary agency means that we are constantly seeking new talent.
The below three questions are the most frequent ones and here are our answers.

COVID times has made us more open to remote working. When someone is away physically, the coordination time multiplies.

So, only the ultra-talented with amazing communication skills and those who are willing to visit us in Mumbai regularly make the cut.

Culture transfer is hard to do digitally, nothing replaces body language and a handshake.

Yes, theoretically. However we work with freelancers who have worked with us earlier or have a skillset that is very hard to ignore.

We mostly freelance with illustrators, content writers and web coders.

Send us a hello here – the form goes straight to our success managers and founders.

We hire interns every leap year - something to do with numerology and astrology - upto 2 seats that year. These openings are usually posted on our Instagram channel.

Interns need TLC and patience – we get that but somehow we have yet to reach a stage of ‘let’s mentor the next wave of designers’