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Storytelling is our
passion, ability and strength

15+ years of experience in planning and
executing marketing campaigns

Consumer habits are changing rapidly.
The marketing landscape is undergoing a tectonic shift.

  • Earlier trend

    Today’s trend

  • Scheduled TV shows

    On-demand OTT content

  • Mega budget commercials

    Content led commercials

  • Celebrity endorsement

    Influencer universe

  • 32 inch LCD TV

    3 inch wide mobile phone

  • Magazine ads & innovations

    Media rich banner ads

  • Websites

    Lead generation and ecom sites

  • Facebook

    Instagram / Snapchat / Pinterest

  • Whitepapers

    Content Marketing

We make brands bridge this habit revolution
but never lose sight of the why and key insights

The commandments of our existence

Reasons that fuel our growth, year on year

Industry agnostic Mobile first mindset Early adopters of tech trends Project based proposals, lesser of retainer Ideal mix of creative and logical minds In-house everything

Chirag Shah
Rashi Shah
Parag Bamane
Deep Talware
Sanjay Shinde
Dilip Soni
Sujit Nair