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CMS - Connecting Commerce

CMS is India’s leading cash management services company providing logistics and technology solutions to banks, financial institutions, organized retail, and e-commerce companies. It is the market leader in Cash Logistics, ATM Software Solutions, and AIoT Remote Monitoring Solutions.

Post the launch of their IPO, CMS was looking for potential investors and this is where we come in. Brand asked to highlight its key features, the scale of its business, and achievements through videos and other communication assets.

  • Brand Films
  • Video Production
  • Communication Assets
  • Live motion
  • 2d animation

Brand Film

We created a brand film that echoed the journey of CMS and how it plays an integral role in the movement of cash through our economy.

  • 2d animation

Video Production

Our video team curated animated films to demonstrate the mechanism behind the uninterrupted services provided by CMS. From script to storyboarding and voice-over to video production, we produced two animated films featuring their RMS and Tech-led Cash Logistic service.

  • Brochure
  • Infographics

Communication Assets

We also designed informative brochures that aligned with the business objectives and marketing through appealing infographics to drive attention toward their key achievements.