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Lioli Ceramica is a one of the largest producers of porcelain slabs in India that has always thrived on innovation. This Gujarat based company produces superior quality Tiles & Ceramics to meet diverse architectural solutions locally & internationally.

However, the brand was struggling to bring out the premium and innovative appeal in its visual communication, and luckily turned to us to fix the problem. As much as we were thrilled to bag our first ever Tiles & Ceramic industry client, we pulled our socks to draft an exhaustive marketing plan for Lioli Ceramica.

  • Focus Group Research
  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity Design
  • Package Design
  • Brand Launch

Behind the scenes - Short Film

Here is the bts video of the making of the lioli short film.

We aided the making of India's biggest porcelain slab ever

As we all know, India is the second largest producer of vitrified tiles in India. But our visit for the initial briefing meet in Morbi city, Gujarat humbled us. We got to know that there are over 900+ ceramics manufacturers in that city alone, and our job is to distinguish Lioli from amongst them.

As the Tiles & Ceramics industry is led by strong communication & compelling visuals, we invested in relevant & evolving content that resonated with our consumers & set a distinct identity among the brand’s TG.


“The level of creativity, visualization and display ideas put during the brand launch were truly inspirational.”

Our marketing communication plan differentiated the brand from a vast number of manufacturers presented in the region. After the changeover, we successfully launched the brand at Vibrant Ceramica Exhibition, Gandhinagar.

On a side note, we are told by the CEO that our marketing communication plan successfully led the brand to define its identity and positioning, now and in the long run :)