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moneygram – hope campaign

money to your loved ones through MoneyGram is more than just a transaction. It is a symbol of love, emotions, and the sacrifices that every person makes in order to lead a life.

The only thing that kept these people going was hope.

And who can understand this sentiment more than the immigrants who are living in the UAE in search of a better life?

With millions of people from various countries, the UAE is truly the land of immigrants. Which made it the perfect place to tell our story.

So, we captured a glimpse into their everyday lives in the form of music videos.

  • Music videos
  • Music composition in Hindi, English, Arabic and Tagalog
  • Performance marketing videos
  • Website landing page

the music videos

When we were struck with this emotion of hope, we came up with the line “mein aunga” which means I’ll come back in Hindi.

This became the hook line of the song was adapted to other languages like English, Arabic, and Tagalog.


Moneygram hope campaign website landing page