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Moneygram was the official partner for the popular ICC T20 cricket championship. The fundamental idea - just like cricket, Moneygram also unites the world.

Cricket unites fans for the love of the game - immersed in the desire to cheer their team and aspire that they lift the cup.

For Moneygram, we shaped their communication by creating their digital film, played in the stadiums during every match, on ICC digital platforms. This was a multi-agency activity where our role was primarily to create motion content.

  • Music composition
  • Digital Film
  • Environmental graphics
  • Promotional videos

Music video

The 30-sec master film for which we created the central hook-line - 'hum mein hai dum' - which colloquially means " We got the power'. First, we composed the original musical score with singers for multiple languages.

After our final track, we produced the digital film for the master campaign - United by the game.

Digital film - burj khalifa

The game was hosted in Dubai, and hence several thousand fans landed in Dubai. Moneygram booked the Burj Khalifa's LED screen for their prime slot to project a 3-minute film.

When you get the opportunity to create motion content on the largest billboard in the world, it ignites our creative mind like no other!

We conceptualized and created the environment graphics video viewed in real-time by more than half a million individuals.

Wrap up video

The below video encompasses the entire marketing activity done by Moneygram by associating with the ICC T20 world cup. We created this wrap-up video in the last week of the tournament by assembling footage and statistics that solidify their association with cricket and the world cup.

Behind the scenes film

For this full-fledged campaign, a lot of planning and execution went in. Here is the bts video of the making of digital film.