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Solar Box is a German company that makes solar powered modular buildings, ranging from offices, guest houses, vacation homes, car dealers, etc.

This was a very innovative company and we wanted to do justice to the product & services that the company offered. We got the opportunity to work on the website, brochure, branding and 3D visualisation for Solar Box and it was fun working on the same.

  • Website
  • Brochure
  • Stationery
  • Branding
  • 3D visualization

Relevant content for a niche target audience

Solar Box targets the niche field, so they needed an agency that can understand the complexities of this specialism, and produce content that feels authoritative and relevant for a very specific audience.

Solar Box demanded something unique in terms of look and feel. Therefore, the website not only had to have its own identity and brand, but also needed to explain its unique product & services in the simplest way possible.

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The minimal design language and simple user-interface of the website lead to a steady rise in traffic, in terms of time spent on page.

The brand still continues the visual theme and communications as suggested by us.

  • Website with a simplest user-interface
  • Cohesive visual communication