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Think Analytics

Think Analytics provides solutions and helps companies lay, enrich, and harvest the true value of their internal and external data assets and reach their desired business outcomes.

The brief from Think Analytics bought out the nerds from inside us. Since their products & services revolved around numbers & data analytics, our job was to communicate the message without being too technical & nerdy.

  • Brand guideline
  • Website
  • Sales presentation
  • Stationery

Simplified strategy and communication to break through

Think Analytics wanted to show off how it provided a comprehensive range of services at the intersection of data algorithms, technology, and business that complemented every step of its clients’ growth lifecycles.

We designed the website to drive awareness of this new brand and clearly explain their complex product and services in the simplest manner. Our solutions expanded beyond just website development. We prepared sales pitch presentations to help them not only attract and convert visitors but also nurture them to the point of sale.


So far, the site and broader sales strategies have driven increased organic search traffic and enhanced engagement for Think Analytics. Highly interactive website, on-site content and fresh visual theme have accounted for more than 40% of on-page engagement.