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Video & Ad film production
company in mumbai

In videos, we fill the gap between agencies & production houses.

Marketing has swiftly moved to videos across
the customer journey. We have cultivated our skills
to create impactful short format videos.

Versatile, creative and tech-enabled videos.

Consumers have moved from television to OTT and mobile screens.
This transformation has made videos the undisputed champion of storytelling.

As the top video production company, we develop exciting concepts that highlight your brand story while keeping in mind the targeted demographic. This allows you to build a connection with your target audience and enhance your brand recognition. We do comprehensive research on the subject matter and create engaging ads at our ad film agency in Mumbai.

Create video of any style or type.

Versatile to produce videos across the spectrum of options available. Live motion or animated – bring it on.

Personalized videos.

The most loved word for all is their own name. Boost response by creating unique videos for each viewer.

Interactive videos.

Add next generation video interaction, CTA buttons, built-in surveys and quiz inside your video.

Adapted to social & digital

Consumer habits and device sizes are changing. We create videos keeping the mobile screen and an impactful start in mind.

What type of video do you have in mind?

  • Explainer
  • Product demos
  • Digital commercial
  • Educational / training
  • Case study / testimonials
  • Personalized / Interactive
  • Events / Experiential
  • Medical animation
  • Drone / Aerial shoot
  • Micro Documentaries
  • Web series / music
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Videos offer the best return on investment. The more you do, the more you get. According to leading marketing experts, video content helps generate 67% more qualified leads. It can extend your reach on social media platforms and significantly increase your conversions across websites, email and social media. People get attracted more to visuals than scripts. They believe more in the visuals than the written content. A video reinforces the buying decision of the customer.

Therefore, an investment & video production is worth every penny you spend. A video with a unique narrative will not just reflect your product but also engage your audience with the product. You sell the product visually to your online target audience.

Video production services we offer

We are a leading video agency to offer creative video production with strategic thought marketing.

Boch & Fernsh - A video percussion company, offers the following services:

  • Brand promotion videos

    You can effectively promote your brand in the audio-visual format. We incorporate different types of video production to tell a compelling brand story.

  • Motion Graphic & Interactive Services

    Make your videos captivating and engaging by creating illusions of motion with top-quality animation, digital footage and audio.

  • Conference & Event Video Production

    Capture the cultural vibe of your organisation while focusing on the event to create original videos that make your brand more tangible and accessible.

  • Video presentation

    A video presentation is the best way to attract your target audience and highlight your products or services.

Our video protection process is very different from other video production companies in Mumbai.

The process at our video agency in Mumbai includes:

  • Pre-production

    The pre-production begins right when the idea for the video is cracked. It consists of scripting, budgeting and the entire planning stage of video production.

  • Production

    Production is the actual process of filming the video wherein all the required visual elements are captured on a moving camera.

  • Post-production

    In this stage, all the captured footage is sorted, and the best elements are edited together along with different audio-visual and graphical effects to create a stunning video.

There’s no denying that video content requires a certain budget. But one must understand that not all video making is costly. There are multiple formats, production styles and production that impact a video production budget.

Overall - there are two broad categories of videos – live motion and animated. For both of these categories, the common ingredients are the soundtrack, sound effects, and voice-over.

Along with our core capability of being a 360 creative agency in Mumbai, we are also a fully integrated video production company, capable of producing videos in live motion or animated style. Broadly, we can create explainer videos, product demo videos, digital commercials, TVCs, professional education videos, training videos, case study videos, testimonial videos, medical animation videos, documentaries, 2D & 3D animated videos, and interactive videos.

We have simplified pricing for video production – as per their duration and production complexity (low, medium or high).

We are a well-equipped video production agency, and our key value addition is our ability to create videos in any international or Indian languages. We have our vetted network of voice over talent that can speak any accent, language or dialect. As a value add – we can also offer translation and subtitling services. Many global brands need transcreation of their films – we can offer these services also.

For every video production project, we give two options for music- royalty-free soundtracks and custom-created music. Our prices are transparent, and we are good with sound mixing, foley sounds, audio enhancement and audio mastering. Music work is one of our key value additions as it can amplify and uplift the impact of the video we produce.

So yes – we include voice-over and music work in our production quote. Usage-right charges may apply if used for broadcast work or international markets.

We are a full-fledged video production agency that specializes in multiple video formats. The digital platform landscape is varied – our team is on top of various dimensions and video formats for platforms. We can adapt or create videos in 16:9, 9:16, 4:5, 3:4 or any custom size. We can create videos in 4k, 2k, HD or any other specific resolution.

Our expertise lies in animated videos, explainer videos, corporate videos, educational videos, product presentation videos, and infographic videos. From a marketer’s perspective – we can create videos for every stage of the customer’s journey - from the interest stage to learn, evaluate, justify, point of sale and post-sales (delight) stages.

We have also worked with prominent brands for promotional videos, commercial videos, how-to videos, and sales videos across several industry sectors. As a leading creative agency in India, we have incorporated the strength of video production in-house which, helps us offer speed, creativity and agility for marketers and empower their marketing plan and objectives. We aim to be a leading video production company, across styles and categories.

Video marketing is a new trend that will stay for a long time. For different platforms, video length remains different.

For Instagram, IGTV videos work under 2 minutes to 1 hour, stories and reels max at 15 seconds. The Instagram feed should ideally stay under 30 seconds. Facebook suggest video length for small business to be less than 30 seconds. Overall, the ideal video length to make your video marketing work is to keep them under 2 minutes.

Fortunately, we are masters of “under two-minute” video production. As a video production agency, this helps us stand out in this creative market. Our approach to video marketing is simple – Keep them short, sharp and easy to understand.

In the post-covid world – transferring domain knowledge and expertise to internal and external audiences has become a key area of emphasis for every brand, especially in the healthcare, pharma and medical equipment sectors. We have created numerous videos for our clients for HCP education, usually led by KOLs or in-house experts.

We have added layers of innovation to these videos with quizzes, chapter segmentation like Udemy or Coursera, video interactivity, and personalization. We can recommend the best video hosting platforms that give perfect streaming and security.

We are an experienced video production company, and we have worked for various brands in creating impactful professional educational (ProfEd) videos. Reach out to us, and we can share these video examples over a virtual meet that comes closest to your professional education requirements.

We can shoot or as we say do videography on any of these cameras. Cameras are broadly divided into medium format and large format cameras. Usually, for digital films (DVC) and Television commercials (TVC), we prefer shooting on Red or Arri Alexa. They give greater bit depth, and as they shoot in the log, we get uncompressed footage that can be graded beautifully to achieve any tone.

For all other types of videos, we prefer the Sony Alpha series paired with ZEISS lenses. DSLRs have great battery life, and they are ideal for corporate shoots or gimbal based shoots. So – each camera has its distinct advantages – and their selection comes down to the style, category, purpose, director’s vision and most importantly the budget.

Create your video marketing arsenal.