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Creating brands that are trusted and liked
is an evolved art mastered over time.

And yes, they influence buying decisions.

Rebrand or build one
from scratch. Alter your
company's growth trajectory.

Increase relevance when you enter a new line of
business by buildinga fundamentally strong brand.

Harness the science of
colour psychology.

Colours impact the decision making by
inducing emotions and eventually impacts
your topline.

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Tap into the influence of shapes
on brand personality.

Shape and form influence the perception.
Use this knowledge and transform your brand
into an intangible asset.

Typeface choice speaks volumes.
Serif, Sans-serif, monotype & more.

Each font type evokes different emotions
ranging from elegant, modern, traditional
or friendly.

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The word brand derives from the old Norse word brandr & it means
'to burn' Originally, branding was a method to mark ownership to try & avoid theft.

Colour and typeface impact
on branding.

Branding is the art of becoming
likeable & trustable.

Below are some of the brands we have crafted across industry sectors.
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frequently asked questions


As a creative agency, our clients often ask us this pertinent question: How brand identity differs from logo design?

In the simplest term, a logo is a creative icon or a visual depiction or both - that depicts your brand name and what your business does. Logo design is one of the key element in a brand’s visual communication. However, a logo on its own is not your brand identity. Logo designing is the initial step to a very conscious designing process for the brand.

On the other hand, Brand identity is not just a logo or colour scheme, it has many facets to it that are key to building brand personality, brand voice, brand values, brand message, its typography usage, colour spectrum, logo usage do’s & don’ts and, the detailed PDF version of brand identity may also define the brand’s visual theme. So, in summary - the scope of the brand identity is far greater than a logo design.

The value addition that top creative agencies and advertising agencies like ours can do – is to apply our collective experience and focus on building a brand that can stand out and convey the brand persona by using the trifecta of colour psychology, typography and graphic design. If you think your brand needs a touch-up or a whole new identity, we are one of the best branding agency in Mumbai to help you reach that milestone.

A tagline is a set of short words that are associated with the brand. It can be summed up as a catchy phrase that projects that brand’s positioning in the customer’s mind.

Effective taglines are usually a creative statement arising of the brand’s belief or key value proposition and can be very effective in strengthening the brand’s persona.

The best way to create a tagline is to understand the targeted market segment and have a strong positioning strategy. Creating a tagline can be a tricky task as it should not collide with other campaigns that will come up in the near future. In this case the consumer sees two distinct communication lines and can leave him/her guessing.

Branding agencies can help you create a tagline that can project your brand’s persona. It can be in English, Hinglish or in the local language. The question that begs for an answer here is – how long do you foresee the tagline to stand beside the logo?

If winds of change can make the tagline redundant, it’s best to treat the tagline as a campaign line – and thereby place it away from the logo.

A brand is an identity of a business, a channel through which the customer makes a perception about the company and its values. Choosing a brand name is an activity of high importance as it is the first stage before working on design or marketing strategy.

A brand name is a way to identify and differentiate your company in the competitive market.

Creative agencies and branding agencies can help you by providing detailed insight into the market, competitors, and market segment. Giving a name to a brand is a creative task, which requires in-depth research about the market and how a company wants to be perceived by its customers.

As a leading branding agency, we provide our clients with this service. We can suggest invented names or from existing ones. From brand naming to brand design and identity, we make sure every aspect is creatively and strategically analyzed before we make our brand name suggestions.

The value of a business is measured by how a brand presents itself in a competitive landscape. Your consumer will judge a company’s value based on how they perceive the brand. For customers to identify your brand, it’s important to portray its values to the right audience in the right market with the right messaging paired with graphic design.

Branding agencies can provide in-depth research, branding and identity services that work as a building block for brand equity, recall and campaigns. Branding companies can deliver an unbiased perspective and apply their cross-industry experience.

Creating a brand identity is a huge task and, misplaced information can ruin the entire brand image. Hence, having a brand agency can help a business in building trustworthy brands.

Boch & Fernsh is a top branding agency in Mumbai that can shape your brand with perspective, precision and creativity. We can propose brand names that are Premium, invented, catchy, clever, classic & elegant, modern & Trendy, evocative & suggestive, feminine or masculine. Our creative team can offer this talent to any business - established or starting up.

A branding agency helps you define the fundamentals of your brand in terms of its values, mission & vision, the essence of the brand, and targeted audience. It gives any brand a face and a message that meets the customer through various channels. The work involved is visual – creativity is layered on top of research and logic.

On the other hand – marketing agencies are task or goal-oriented. They lay down the strategic approach for visual and verbal communication by keeping the brand statement in mind. It helps the brand in creating and executing strategies to promote the brand’s products and services.

Marketing and Branding are complementary to one another. Established agencies like ours can exist in duality – can create brands as well as propose marketing strategies to meet business goals.

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