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Acuvue - iGuru Adda

This campaign is a perfect example of insight-driven action. Optometrists are the unsung heroes of the vision care industry.

On the other hand, there exist an oversupply of myths surrounding contact lenses in India - ranging from – ‘Do they melt in your eyes?’ to ‘Can I wear them while having sauna?’

The word 'adda' stands for - a congregation in Hindi. iGuru Adda – is a marketing property created for Acuvue India, where Optometrists share their knowledge to give thousands of Indians access to a clear and fit vision.

  • Strategy & ideation
  • Creative production
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media management

smash the myths

We researched the top 30 questions that spectacle users have about contact lenses. Then we brought together Optometrists from across India to answer these questions.

These were answered in Hindi and English language. We kept the replies under the 2-minute mark, and their replies amplified with digital marketing led to enquiries and eventually higher adoption.

Behind the scenes

Here is the bts film from the making of iGuru adda campaign videos.

marketing asset - landing page

The page got traffic from social media marketing, where users could navigate various questions, gather product information and locate a store near them in India.

promo videos & social promotion

We created digital films that were promoted on YouTube to generate traffic to the website landing page. The profiles created for the Optometrists gave them the long-overdue spotlight within the community.


As they says, growth does not happen by being in a status quo. Insight led marketing coupled with execution speed made Acuvue the first brand to address myths of potential users and brought Optometrists into the forefront. Conversions at the retail level exceeded the ten thousand mark.

Creative intelligence is an interesting byproduct of content variety. As a lead creative agency, we empower the brand to reach its potential.