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Aquatein, a revolutionary protein water tailored in India is now available in the UAE market. As an advocate of health and fitness drinks, Aquatein is on a mission to create a larger audience base.

While seeing growth in the Indian market, the brand was facing low awareness and adoption of Aquatein in the Sharjah and Dubai markets.

To increase brand recognition and drive sales, our creative and marketing team joined hands with Aquatein.

  • Branding & Identity
  • Video production
  • Digital marketing
  • Positioning
  • Communication

Branding & Identity

To bring a fresh persona to the brand we dug deeper into identifying and creating an absolute persona for the brand that could transform into a well-executed campaign.

Our first step was to decode the brand personality and visual route, followed by creative communication and a digital campaign.

  • Social media marketing

Digital Marketing

ToFor social media, we curated and drafted creative posts to increase brand recall.

  • Video production
  • Marketing collaterals

Marketing assets

While digital platforms played an integral role in marketing we wanted to leave a mark on customers through offline communication too. To make sure Litt catches the eyes and hearts.

With the power of digital and performance marketing, the brand is set to harness a higher market share.