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Rebranding a pharmaceutical brand

A new world of consumers takes more than just new packaging. Coventic, owned by Damao Pharmaceuticals offers marine collagen and found its niche audience in the Latam region.

Populated by various collagen brands, to stand out the brand needed to position itself in a premium category through is branding, & positioning.

Goodness of Ocean primarily focused on building the aquatic world around the brand, dictating how nature and science together bring the best of both worlds. We infused the thematic of packaging with the elements of collagen, its benefits, and its effects.

To symbolize the beauty of the product, the evolution of the final output went through rigorous design levels.

Communication that connects

To embrace the power of positioning, the brand was set to communicate with the audience in the most relatable way.

Right from the logo to Coventic’s website and social media, the design and communication language was intact.

A brand that speaks for itself!

With clarity in persona and communication,
the brand is set to launch Coventic in Central America, UAE, and Thailand.