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DOW is a global supplier of adhesives and sealant with the most innovative and customer-centric approach.

The company had an exhibition planned and wanted to have their event space designed.

  • Space design
  • Standee

Emphasis on minimal design language

DOW being a supplier of Adhesive & Sealant, was more of a service-based company and doing justice to the services in an exhibition event was a tricky part.

In order to do so, we focused on designing a minimal exhibition set-up without dominating it with the brand colour. We balanced the strong brand colour ‘red’ with ‘white’, complemented it with intelligent copy and created a minimal set-up that was welcoming and engaging.


The minimal yet engaging design language of the set-up was looked upon by other exhibitors and stood up among the clutter at the event.

The grand visually appealing booth garnered a decent amount of visitors and enquiries at the event.