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Edwards Project Life

Project Life is a campaign initiated by Edwards Lifesciences,an American medical technology company. The objective of this campaign was to create awareness on the use of tissue valves in women of childbearing age.

Our (very tricky) job was to create a comprehensive communication plan which will educate, inform and aware the relevant target audience in the most effective and simplest way possible.

  • Brochure
  • Patient & Surgeon testimonial videos
  • Educational booklets for doctors and patients
  • Digital sales tool
  • Awareness campaign video

Clinical marketing campaign that saved lives

Despite the wide scope of work, our expertise in servicing the medical clientele made it easier for us to understand the requirements and the relevant solutions.

We created a tagline ‘Help deliver the gift of life’ and targeted all our communications towards the same message. We created a very informative yet visually-appealing awareness video that explained the intricacies of using tissue valves in women of childbearing age.


Our comprehensive and detailed communication plan for Project Life became a primary source of education and awareness across Acia.

  • 17% of the valve replacement cases were of childbearing age and most of them opted for the biological valve replacement process post our awareness campaign.