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Grand Mercure

Grand Mercure is a premium hotel located in Goa under Shrem Resort.

With no website to promote and communicate the premiumness of the brand, our job was to communicate this through their other marketing collateral.

  • Brochure design
  • Magazine Ad
  • Certificate
  • Signage

Visual theme that translates to luxury

The biggest challenge was to converse the luxury of a brand that has no defined visual theme. So our first step was to define the brand theme, in terms of colors and look & feel, and then adapt the same into designing their marketing collateral.

We decided to use Indian motifs and a combination of purple and gold to design premium-looking brochures, magazine ads and other marketing materials that were not just informative but aesthetic.


The brochure and magazine ad that we’d created achieved beyond just premium look & feel and proved to be a helping hand for the sales team to garner enquiries and leads.