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Schöne Aussicht

Schöne Aussicht is a 5-star luxury hotel situated in Frankfurt, Germany.

With everything else in place, in terms of marketing, the only thing they were lacking was some good ambient visuals and wall art which was taken care of by us.

  • Menu card design
  • Wall art

Adapting brand personality into ambient space designing

The biggest challenge was to do justice to the brand that has no defined visual theme. So our first step was to define the brand theme, in terms of colors and look & feel, and then adapt the same into designing their space decor and wall art.

We decided to use the most lively color combination of red and black to decorate their cafeteria walls. We used different elements of the food industry like chef, food, tables, people, cafe work culture, dates, etc. and stitched them together to create a beautiful piece of graffiti-styled wall design which was lively and inviting.


The graffiti-styled wall design, along with giving a character and personality to the cafeteria space, was appreciated by the staff, visitors and in fact some competitors.