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Livogen - Na na Anemia

Livogen manufactures tablets for vital supplements that help in reducing anemia.

With the rise in visible symptoms of anemia in consumers, Livogen wanted to create brand awareness targeted towards potential patients and healthcare professionals!

Our role: As their strategic and creative agency, our goal was to create a nationwide campaign that can educate patients about the symptoms using an anemia test link and solidify Livogen's market penetration through HCP's. As a creative process, our insight was clear that 50% of the patients are not aware of the symptoms of anemia -hence they lack timely treatment.

This seed thought generated the campaign named - Na Na Anemia!

  • Campaign planning & execution
  • Influencer marketing
  • OOH marketing
  • Video production & editing
  • Music production & composition
  • Graphic designing

Campaign launch: #Na Na Anemia

Before reaching the HCPs, we aimed to educate and spread awareness about the symptoms and restore iron deficiency. The Na Na Anemia campaign asked patients to scan the code and take the risk test for iron deficiency. This was further taken ahead through an informatic interview with healthcare prfessional.

Influencer marketing

To activate the campaign and spread the word, we planned a celebrity influencer marketing with Mrunal Thakur and Genelia D'Souza to talk about the symptoms and to motivate viewers to take the test!

Outdoor marketing

As part of our 360 marketing plan, our strategy team decided to take the marketing on the road. Bolo India, Na Na Anemia!

A 40-day bus yatra from Rishikesh to Kolkata covering 20 locations with Karishma Kapoor!

Karishma kapoor standing with doctors for livogen bus yatra
Karishma Kapoor hosting livogen na na anemia event
Karishma Kapoor with na na anemia poster
Karishma kapoor standing bus yatra

Creative assets

To amplify the power of the Na Na Anemia campaign, our design team created various creative assets like banners, storyboard and a jingle composed in-house, for digital activation and brand visibility for consumers and HCPs.

Case Study

Here is the case study of end-to-end campaign.


The Na Na Anemia campaign successfully reached the right audience through various means of 360 communication.