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Markus Realty is India's premier real estate developer with a wide range of commercial and residential properties across Mumbai.

Situated in between the real estate hub in Mulund, they wanted to have a defined brand theme and identity, in terms of visual communication, to stand out of the clutter.

  • Stationery
  • Office wall graphic
  • Sign board

Office space that reflects brand character

In order to make Markus Realty stand out from the crowded real estate market in Mumbai, we decided to use bright yet industry-relevant colors and adapt their logo elements to design their marketing collateral - brochure, stationery, sign board and office space design.

Since they lacked the potential of website communication, it was through these marketing collateral that we communicate the brand identity.


The office wall graphic that we’d created uplifted the office environment and extended the brand character into the space, which was appreciated by the entire staff at Markus.

Moreover, other marketing and communications collateral adapted the same visual theme leading to a cohesive communication strategy - visual and written.