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MiDiary is a very cool tech company that has created an ecosystem for information to flow freely between 3 pillars of a child’s education journey - parents, school and child via an app and a web application.

We were entitled with the complete MarCom strategy including the app, website, brand video, brochure, etc. As an agency, this client was a breath of fresh air for us and we dived into it.

  • Mobile app
  • Website
  • Brand video
  • Brochure

Marketing communication with unique voice and visuals

It was one of the very few times when everyone at B&F wanted to work on one single project. We like the neat, minimal design style and treatment of any form of content, and the journey of creating satisfying content for MiDiary was enriching.

The client gave us a lot of lateral bandwidth in the styling and visual appearance which was a cherry on top. In short, they let the experts steer the design language and we think we cracked the best of it.

My diary website design


The minimal design language and simple user-interface of the website lead to a steady rise in traffic, in terms of time spent on page and watching videos.

The brand still continues with various communications as planned and suggested by us :)

  • App with a simplest user-interface
  • Highly interactive website
  • Cohesive visual communication