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Plast India University

Established in 2016, PlastIndia International University is located in Gujarat, India. It is the first Indian University to offer courses in the domain of plastic.

We were amazed - first by the initiative taken by PIU and second, by the plethora of courses offered at the university. In no time, we started off with a wide range of services to deliver.

  • Website
  • Event space design
  • 3D visualization
  • Brochure & Prospectus
  • Newsletter & Stationery

Marketing plan
for India’s first university dedicated to plastics

Since PlastIndia International University brought together education and innovation combined on the table, our job was to creatively and diligently communicate the brand vision and aim to its target audience.

We figured that it was very important to connect the brand vision with its 3 most important audiences - the academic faculty, the parents and the student. For this, we designed our communication plan consisting of 2 major message points - knowledge and noble cause for a better future.


Our comprehensive marketing strategy and spot-on execution lead to an increased number of enquiries from our targeted audience - in terms of hiring and admissions.

  • Informative & convincing prospectus
  • Strong brand vision
  • Spot-on messaging