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Curate your social media presence.

Find your voice, your audience and amplify
your reach across platforms.

Rise above cookie-cutter posts
to authentic ones.

Develop communities, project your brand personality to customers and prospects on social media platforms and the world will take notice. People don’t buy products, they buy stories and relationships!

Content – the holy grail
of marketing nirvana.

As a social media marketing agency, our approach to social media is simple and effective – content first!

What is the audience seeking? Is the title noteworthy? Is it crisp? Will this content standout? Is the payoff clear?

At B&F, authentic content creation is our true value proposition.

Execution is often where
strategies bite the dust.

Social media marketing is not just about ideas, it’s about making them happen at the right time, the right way.

First, we outlay the content plan on a calendar followed by composing, scheduling, monitoring and measuring traction.

Form and creativity can co-exist – all it needs is swift execution!

Upgrade from static posts
to motion graphics and lead gen.

Our capability in motion graphics and web experiences gives an added advantage to maximize the results from social media presence. Right from GIFs, animated banners, short-form videos to entire sales funnels – empower your acquisition and conversion functions.

Plan. Create. Publish. Measure.

Our Social media service is available as a retainer service for these platforms.
Digital Marketing is the next step of online evolution

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