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Welcome to Ark,
a virtual skincare
brand for men

Designed by B&F for a creative experiment. Behold, despite non-usage of the brand, Ark holds realistic approach in design, well-researched ingredients, and legit consumer persona.

Ark, a crafted selection of products catered to the unique requirements of the modern man.
Redefining conventional grooming rituals with an emphasis to quality, creativity, and authenticity.

The mission of Ark is to help men embrace their best self with ease and confidence by providing them with the essential skincare and grooming. More than a company, Ark is a movement that encourages self-care, dispels misconceptions, and offers men the power to take charge of their grooming routines. Ark ushers in a new era of self-assured, well-groomed men who embrace their individual identities by fusion science, nature, and sincerity.

Ark Green

Ark Sage

Soft Blue


Ark, a manifestation of
premium skincare packaging

The minimalist representation of an ark in the logo represents a journey of personal growth and discovery. The letters are meticulously carved to look natural butcontemporary.

The logo for the company has a simple but distinctive design.

Created with clear lines, signifying accuracy and attention to detail, which are keycharacteristics of Arkproducts and ingredients as well.

Combining premium quality & sustainability

ARK differentiates in a saturated industry. Our commitment to the environment combined with our tailored approach to skincare and grooming results in a distinctive and appealing offering that appeals to the discerning customer seeking real self-improvement and mindful choices.

We work to reinvent grooming as a journey of self-care that respects and nurtures both people and the environment via deliberate formulations, open practices, and a dedication to sustainability. By employing eco-friendly packaging materials and reducing its environmental impact, the company also embraces sustainability.