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Personal branding of Dr. Ashish Singh

There are Doctors & Surgeons who have the gift to heal us but at times, it takes decades before word-of-mouth spreads and other patients come to know about their ability and expertise. One such skilled surgeon is an orthopedic specialist- Dr. Ashish Singh from Patna, India.

This was a first for us - to amplify the persona and views of an individual with a healing touch, a project that was close to us as Arthritis is a chronic disease that debilitates millions of Indians every year. For both trauma patients as well as the ones suffering natural degeneration, his experience and skills equal the best in the world. We played our part in making patients becoming aware of his abilities.

We crafted his online persona and brought forward the individual known as Ashish Singh for patients, peers and the society at large.

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Robotic arms give Surgeons unprecedented ability at every stage of a Hip or Knee replacement surgery. Right from pre-planning to intra-operative assistance, it’s the ideal companion to help patients heal faster. We named the Robotic arm manufactured by Mako, USA. By star sign, Dr. Ashish Singh is a Leo and this robotic arm is a peer who stands by him at all times - Meet LEO2

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Patient Awareness videos

Dr. Ashish Singh's clinic operates out of Patna and most of the residents in that part of India prefer Hindi language. We created educational video content in Hindi language by re-adapting marketing content provided by Mako that suits Indian audiences.


By creating hero, hub and hygiene content for this healthcare chain, we empower their marketing objectives and it has consistently delivered the desired traction. Lesser communication latency and consistent marketing.