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Royal Arc

Established in 1986, Royal Arc is one of the leading manufacturers of welding consumables which exports to over 45 countries worldwide.

They came to us for 2 specific needs:

  • Better Images of their products
  • Exhibition Booth design & Construction
  • Photography
  • Space design

How simple is industrial photography?
Not so simple!

Our challenge was to solve their biggest problem - worthy product images. With good photography and exhibition booth, they wanted to unify their visual communication. Our single line brief was to add character to the product photography portfolio.

Our research in the industry gave us similar-looking pictures with black or white backgrounds shot in plain vanilla style all over the internet. During the planning stage, we started experimenting with bold & stronger colours and light leaks.


Royal Arc booth garnered a decent amount of visitors and enquiries at the event, primarily because of the welcoming and visually appealing design language.

The product photography work was gratifying and the output stood out from the clutter and yes, the client loved the outcome!